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The Nlaka’pamux Lakes Enhancement project is a result of the draining of 4 lakes where Highland Valley Copper (HVC) Mine was built. As a result of the loss of these lakes, HVC was required to build a new lake at the end of the mines life. As time went on, perspectives changed, and it was decided that the disturbance with creating a man-made lake was not in alignment with current values, so the project shifted to becoming an enhancement project for the existing lakes in the nłeʔképmx Territory.

The main goals of the NLX Lakes Projects are to enhance the 4 or more lakes in the nłeʔképmx Territory to restore some of the loss associated with HVC mine. This project is in partnership with HVC and the Province to determine different projects that will enhance traditional nłeʔképmx use activities at different lakes.

The first project identified with community members is at Roscoe Lake, which is 40km north of Merritt. Some of the projects that have been discussed are establishing a hiking trail that circles the lake and a nłeʔképmx use only campsite. These projects will also consider preserving our culturally important plants and resources that are naturally occurring such as the rainbow trout that inhabit the lake, the sx̣ʷúsm (soapberries), c̓əlc̓ále (huckleberry), kéceʔ (labrador tea) and other resources we value. Our Territorial Stewardship Department wants to hear your ideas and will be planning a community trip to the lake on March 9th, 2024 .

Reach out to our Sr. Technical Coordinator, Rachel Riley if you have any questions or input rriley@cna-trust.ca