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 Where CNA staff & storytellers and knowledge keepers from the nłeʔképmx Nation lead attendees in an activity.  
We provide cun̓ékstm to work to revive our stories and culture, for our future generations.

Forged from fire, floods, and COVID-19, my first thought wouldn’t be that these disastrous events would lead to bringing our 8 communities together, but they did, although it was a struggle to get a hold of people in our communities in the times of loss, our wonderous staff managed and started those relationships that then turned to daily virtual calls, checking in on one and another while evacuated, during both flood and fire season in 2021. Created by nłeʔkepmxcín Manager, Lena Nicholson who has facilitated and guided us since the beginning.

When those hardships settled, the daily virtual check ins turned to a weekly check in that then turned into what we called Storytelling! 
Where we gathered to share stories and give updates on each other, to connect and revive our stories. As we continued Storytelling, it was then pointed out to us by Elders in the community that telling stories as we were, is a winter activity, bonding over stories and sharing knowledge was something that our people used to do in the colder winter months.

Storytelling then slowly morphed into what we now know as cun̓ékstm named by a prominent Elder in our community, Amelia Washington. We meet up twice monthly to teach others and ourselves new activities from our nłeʔkepmxcín Team Lead, Madelynn Albert says “Anybody can join.” As we still search for people to lead and teach activities for cun̓ékstm. 

Still going strong, 3 years into producing cun̓ékstm, we continue to provide cun̓ékstm within our community, strengthening those bonds, sharing stories, and working to revive our culture.